Welcome to the United States Naval Shipbuilding Museum Online. Located in historic Quincy, Massachusetts. The USNSM is home to the USS Salem CA 139, the world's only preserved Heavy Cruiser. This 716.5 foot long Cold War veteran served proudly as the Flag Ship of the 6th Fleet and now serves as a memorial to the proud shipbuilding heritage of this country and specifically this area. We are located in the former Fore River Shipyard, Quincy, once one of the Nation's largest Shipbuilding Enterprises.

Spend the night aboard the USS Salem with the

Overnight Adventure Program!

Celebrate your birthday aboard the USS Salem and make it a unique and historic event.


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The USS Salem is available for special events such as corporate outings, family barbeques, reunions, and retirements.



To reserve space for an event, please call 617-479-7900.

Member of the Historic Naval Ships Association

The USS Salem starred in the 1956 English film, "Pursuit of the Graf Spee".

HU-2 Helicopter landing aboard the USS Salem

The Mk56 was the director for the 3in twin automatic gun.




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